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Ideal for large and fast cars.  For everything from wet and cold to snow white. The new MS plus 77 sets new standards for winter tires from Uniroyal.Its technology has been consistently tailored to suit today’s winter conditions on the roads. With excellent performance on wet and cold surfaces and a high level of safety in snow, it is the new force in winter. For compact-, middle- and upper-class vehicles and SUVs. Technology that sets new standards. Uniroyal offers more than 45 years of rain tyre know-how for optimum performance in the wet. Improved safety against aquaplaning. Fits perfectly for example to VW Golf, Peugeot 207 and VW Touareg. Improved safety against aquaplaning Improved handling on wet surfaces Very good traction on snow Improved safety against aquaplaning. Wide open grooves in the centre and shoulders increase water flow away from the contact surface. At the same time a high void volume increases the patterns ability to absorb water. Both factors lead to more safety under wet road conditions. Improved handling on wet surfaces. The special compound of rain tyres developed for the wet ensures more effective grip on the road. Large rigid shoulder blocks reduce deformation under load, especially on bends. Both lead to better handling on wet surfaces. Very good traction on snow. A high number of sipes provide additional gripping edges. This leads to a better interlocking of the tread with the snow and thus better traction.


  • MS plus 77 – The special winter tyre for cold and wet winters. Suitable for all vehicles with tyre size 185/55 R 16
  • Excellent handling and stability on both wet and dry roads – Wet grip performance: C
  • “MS plus 77 offers aquaplaning safety, precise steering responses and great value-for-money.” – “AutoBild” tested and rated (tested size 185/60 R 15 T)
  • The rain tyre with the best wet grip performance.
  • The tyres are delivered without rims


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