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Pirelli Cinturato P7 205/55 R16 91W Normal Tyre

Cinturato P7: The green revolution meets top-level performance and is the brainchild of the Green Performance philosophy. This is a new approach in our product development that is influenced by the following aspects such as performance, safety, fun when driving and respect for the environment. The four EcoImpact icons on the sidewall of the Cinturato P7 underline this tyre’s environmentally-friendly nature.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption – helps the consumer save fuel and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

HIGH MILEAGE: High mileage results in direct savings for the consumer. The production of tyres with a longer lifetime also means that less tyres need to be produced overall, which protects the environment and means fewer greenhouse gas emissions as well as a reduced environmental impact from the disposal of tyres.

LOW NOISE: By optimising the tread design of the Cinturato P7, the tyre’s noise has been minimised. For a relaxed and comfortable driving experience. Asymmetrical tread profile with four continuous channels makes water absorption and dispersal from the contact patch more efficient. Highly-developed polymer compound increases the tyre’s grip on all surfaces. For maximum braking performance on wet and dry roads. Durable outside shoulder to optimise lateral traction on wet and dry roads. Innovative tread design for even tyre wear: improved driving comfort, an excellent level of safety throughout the tyre’s entire lifetime, high mileage and reduced tyre noise.

  • Low rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption
  • New tread compound
  • High mileage
  • Relaxed and comfortable driving experience.


  • the ideal choice for mid-range cars and saloons.
  • Touring tyre
  • perfect combination
    of low rolling resistance
  • plastic and
    acoustic comfort
  • good
    mileage with excellent
    braking and handling


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