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BECAUSE WORK DOESN’T STOP IN THE WINTER Carrier Winter provides assurance in even the most adverse winter weather. Safety in all winter conditions excellent mileage: improved by 30%. Assurance in the wet. FEATURES New tread design with 3 wide longitudinal grooves. New tread design and compound. Enhanced profile and tread design. FUNCTIONS Improved aquaplaning resistance and wet braking. Increased mileage and more regular wear. Optimized winter performance. BENEFITS Safety in wet conditions. Better value for money. Increased safety in winter conditions.


  • Carrier Winter
  • Fuel Efficiency: C / Wet Grip: E / Noise (dB): 73 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Features a new tread design with 3 wide circumferential grooves that give for improved aquaplaning resistance and wet braking, resulting in improved safety in wet conditions.
  • The new tread design and compound on the tyre increases mileage and more regular wear, giving better value for money.
  • The enhanced profile and tread design on the tyre gives for an optimised winter performance, resulting in increased safety in winter conditions.


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