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Directional pattern design and lateral grooves from the center rib to the tire shoulder improve water drainage when driving on wet roads by moving water at the center to both sides of tire through these lateral grooves. It also features improved traction on ice/snow roads by containing ice and snow in grooves and easier ice/snow removal. The lateral groove connecting irregular longitudinal groove pattern (from narrow to wide) can reduces noise generated. The wave pattern on the bottom of wider groove improves water drainage and space for ice/snow retention. Interlaced longitudinal grooves for improved water drainage on wet roads. The wave pattern at the groove bottom adds ice/snow grip and ground friction. The triangular block located on the inner wall of the longitudinal groove improves water drainage and traction on wet roads. The saw tooth shape lateral grooves of tire shoulder not only adds initial tire friction but also extra traction for cornering stability. The grooves on the tire shoulder improve water drainage and tire’s snow traction performance. Similar as off-road tire sidewall design with large patterned grooves, improves extra ice/snow contact patch and shoveling performance as well as traction performance on snow roads. Adopted 3D SIPE design and offer deep, medium, and shallow sipe at different location of pattern blocks. The center rib with deepest sipes for improved ice/snow traction while the sidewall with the shallowest sipes for better rigidity and cornering performance.


  • High quality winter tire – Excellent driving ability in all winter conditions hight performance- Great price recommended
  • Fast Dispatch
  • Item is tire only, No wheel included


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