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4×4 tyre MV plus II 265/65 R17
REIFEN4X4 Runderneuert MV x plus II 265/65 R17. An outstanding off-road performance in conjunction in high performance traction, sturdy design in combination with a Wettbewerbsorientiert aesthetics and practical.Already during the design phase have updating their engineers This tire designed in such a way that it excellent, Schlammiges, Felsiges offroad with ease removes as well as street Suitability. These strength to achieve, the thick brackets to attach the legs and are combined with a new mix on the market, you’ll reduce the rigors of the typical cut your of sharp-edged stones be caused.
High quality Runderneuerung. Strong Limited Stock Availability. E1 European street legal – M + S
Performance: 90% offroad – 10% Street


  • 4×4 tyre 265/65 R17 ideal for extreme terrain – M + S
  • Reifen Height: 65
  • Rim Diameter: 17
  • Tyre width: 265


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