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Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35 ZR19 EL Normal Tyre

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tyre was specially designed for high-performance vehicles. This super-sporty tyre allows an above-average level of heavy motorisation.  

The tyre is also suitable for vehicles that may not be particularly high-performance on leaving the factory, but which will then be trimmed through focused tuning to become super sports cars. The Pilot Super Sport meets the high demands placed on a tyre by this type of vehicle. In particular, its excellent traction and associated grip in wet or hot conditions contribute to creating a high level of safety when driving.   

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport’s impressive features include:   

  • Know-how from motor racing 
  • Good grip 
  • Good traction in a variety of weather conditions 
  • No distracting running noises   

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport scores top marks for its high driving comfort. This is due in part to the low running noises generated when driving and which are not felt to be distracting or irritating. Low abrasion contributes to reducing fuel consumption and also enables a longer lifetime. The high speeds reached by high-performance vehicles demand a high level of safety. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport guarantees this thanks to several features, including the braking power it transfers to the street, thereby allowing a high level of fun when driving.


  • Safety even in the most demanding conditions
    michelin pilot super sport holds the record for braking and its technologies are coming from consecutive le mans 24 hour victories
  • Shorter braking distance
    two meters shorter braking distance on wet roads
  • Recommended by 96% of consumers


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