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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 This V-rated tire provides safe winter driving year after year with controlled power. Benefits of Michelin Exceptional Control in Snow and Ice Equipped with an exclusive tread design and Stabiligrip, a 3D sipe technology, the new Michelin® Pilot® Alpin® PA4? tire delivers a 10% improvement in snow acceleration and more than a 5% enhancement in handling on snow covered and icy roads. Improved Braking Distance The new formula of full silica-based rubber compound, Helio Compound+, allows the Michelin® Pilot® Alpin® PA4? tire to remain flexible in low temperatures for better winter performance, stopping over 5% shorter on snow, ice and wet roads. Certified By Ultra-High Performance Vehicle Manufacturers The new Michelin® Pilot® Alpin® PA4? tire is approved by the high standards of Porsche SE and is currently being tested by many other high-performance vehicle manufacturers.

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