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Michelin Latitude Tour HP 225/60 R18 100H M+S Normal Tyre

The Michelin Latitude Tour HP is an optimal summer tyre specially for high-performance 4×4 vehicles. The tyre enables off-road vehicles to drive safely through the summer months.
In addition, the tyre offers exceptional road behaviour on wet and dry roads. The Latitude Tour HP also demonstrates consistently good driving properties on light off-road terrain as well as good grip on a range of surfaces. The summer tyre is extremely resistant to punctures and knocks and also features a high mileage and long lifetime. The tyre channels water away very effectively, thereby providing a high level of protection against aquaplaning.

The Michelin Latitude Tour HP’s impressive features include:

  • High durability
  • Good driving properties
  • Long lifetime
  • High mileage

The resistance of the Latitude Tour HP against punctures and bumps is a direct result of its robust design. The tyre’s high mileage and long lifetime are both due to its durable rubber compound. The summer tyre’s good water dispersal properties and resultant high level of protection against the risk of aquaplaning are both due to its specially-designed tread.
With the Latitude Tour HP, drivers of 4×4 vehicles are getting an outstanding tyre that works well both on and off the road.


  • Fuel Efficiency: C / Wet Grip: C / Noise (dB): 71 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • The 4×4 tyre that gives you maximum comfort and excellent longevity.
  • Designed with maximum comfort and low rolling resistance in order to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Includes the “Terrain-proof” compound, designed for excellent mileage.


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