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Michelin Latitude Sport 235/65 R17 104V Normal Tyre

The Michelin Latitude Sport is a perfect summer tyre for SUVs with strong performance features.
The tyre exhibits exceptional driving properties at all speeds. Furthermore, the Latitude Sport provides a low level of running noise and a pleasantly comfortable driving experience. A reduction in fuel consumption has been made possible thanks to the tyre’s low rolling resistance. In addition, the summer tyre has exceptional traction on dry and wet roads as well as excellent braking performance thanks to the newly-developed tread compound. The longitudinal grooves on the summer tyre channel water away very effectively, which results in a high level of protection against aquaplaning.

The Michelin Latitude Sport has the following features:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Low running noise
  • Exceptional braking performance
  • Excellent traction


Automobile experts were also impressed by the properties of the Michelin Latitude Sport. For example, in 13/2010, Auto Zeitung described it as the tyre with the highest grip on dry roads and one that is also very good for use on off-road terrain. The overall rating was “very recommendable”. In 10/2011, Auto Motor Sport described the tyre’s first-class driving properties, excellent braking performance in dry conditions and very low rolling resistance. The overall rating in this case was “recommendable”. In 14/2008, Auto Straßenverkehr even gave it the overall rating “highly recommendable”.


  • Fuel Efficiency: C / Wet Grip: B / Noise (dB): 71 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Ultra high-performance SUV and Crossover tyre that offers sport performance capabilities via excellent dry grip.
  • Features a zero degree belt with variable spacing, which limits the deformation across the tread and allows a more uniform pressure within the tyre.
  • Incorporates the same tread pattern and tread compounds found in the legendary Pilot® Sport PS2(TM) tyre to achieve unparalleled dry grip.


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