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Michelin Energy E3B1 155/65 R14 75T Normal Tyre

The Michelin Energy E3B1 is a summer tyre specially for small cars as well as compact and mid-range vehicles.
The tyre’s most outstanding feature is that it is highly economical, being both environmentally- and budget-friendly. This feature is thanks to the tyre’s reduced fuel consumption and greater mileage resulting from its optimised rubber compound. In addition, the Energy E3B1 has good handling characteristics as well as exceptional braking performance.

The Michelin Energy E3B1 has the following features:

  • Long lifetime
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Good braking performance
  • Improved performance on wet roads

In addition to its technical benefits, the Michelin Energy E3B1 also looks stylish. Like its predecessor, the tyre has an asymmetrical tread. The tyre’s lower fuel consumption is thanks to its low rolling resistance. In addition, the summer tyre also performs well when driven on wet roads.
The Michelin Energy E3B1 is therefore a good choice for drivers of small, compact and mid-range vehicles who place value on a good, economical summer tyre.


  • Fuel Efficiency: E / Wet Grip: B / Noise (dB): 69 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Specially designed summer tyre for city cars and MPVs.
  • Offers lower fuel consumption and less wear and tear.
  • Features the best grip in its class on wet or dry roads due to an asymmetric tread pattern and textured spines.


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