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Winterhawk 3 – TAKE CONTROl OF WINTER Conquer the winter with the new and improved Winterhawk 3 winter tyre from Firestone. Incorporating the latest slats technology, the Winterhawk 3 delivers vast improvements in performance, safety and durability. So you can relax and enjoy the best of winter. Safer, steadier performance through rain and slush Reliable grip on everything from loose snow to icy surfaces Vastly improved wear resistance Compared to Firestone Winterhawk 2 Evo and Winterhawk 2v Evo


  • Fuel Efficiency: F / Wet Grip: C / Noise (dB): 71 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Safer, steadier performance through rain and slush, along with reliable grip on everything from loose snow to icy surfaces, as well as being designed with improved wear resistance.
  • Designed with ‘multiple lamellen’ technology – which ensures it really bites into the ice/snow, resulting in maximum biting edge effect as well as optimum traction and braking performance on snow covered and icy roads.
  • Features the latest silica-reinfoced compounds which maintain superlative grip and surface contact over a wider range of temperatures.


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