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Dunlop SP Sport FastResponse Advantages: Excellent handling Good attitude on curve Longevity mileage Tyre description: It is a tyre with an asymmetric tri-area tread design and with an improved dry and wet handling, improved road feedback and with an increased stability and steering precision, counteracts heel and toe wear.It has high aquaplaning resistance and a superior cornering stability. A high performance tyre with asymmetric tread design for luxury and mid range passenger vehicles delivering subtle and precise road feedback for improved control and comfort. This acceleration of road feedback means that the driver can respond accordingly and experience a more exhilarating drive. Technology (Features): Advanced Tread Compound, due to the stronger and more homogeneous cross linking of silica and polymer. Heat resistant coupling agent that provides a better silica distribution. New tread compound provides not only more wet grip and mileage, but also fits the micro texture of the road surface more accurately for better road feedback! Consumer benefits: High aquaplaning resistance More mileage from the tyre, more economical Exceptional grip and control due to larger surface contacting the road Very responsive steering on all surfaces Shorter braking distance Rim protection that protects expensive alloys from kerbing Longer tread life


  • Fuel Efficiency: C / Wet Grip: A / Noise (dB): 67 / Noise (Bars): 1
  • Benefits from Dunlop Touch Technology – a set of advanced features that deliver a more tactile and responsive drive.
  • Features wide grooves that rapidly disperse water in rainy weather, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
  • The tread compound contains high amounts of silica to increase wet grip, resulting in shorter braking distances.


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