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Continental Vanco 2 215/65 R16 109R C Normal Tyre

The Continental Vanco 2 is the next-generation model of the first Vanco. The German manufacturer greatly improved on it, particularly regarding its mileage.

The Vanco 2 can reach 20 percent greater mileage than its predecessor.
A long lifetime is equally important for this model of tyre, as the Continental Vanco 2 is fitted to transporters and vans.
These vehicles travel many miles every day and therefore need a long-lasting tyre.
The longer a model will last, the better it is for transport companies.

The Continental Vanco 2’s impressive features include:

– Around 20 percent greater mileage
– Handling comparable to that of a passenger car
– High level of safety when aquaplaning
– Extremely stable construction

Modern transporters are becoming increasingly more like passenger cars, so the tyre manufacturer has used their experience in this segment for the Continental Vanco 2. The tyre therefore handles like a passenger car tyre.

This should not, however, be understood as a criticism. In fact, it means the opposite, as the Vanco 2 is exceptionally easy to steer and will brake quickly even on wet roads.

The reason for this is found in the tyre’s tread, which can channel water away particularly quickly. When developing this summer tyre, Continental opted to go for a robust design to guarantee low wear and a long lifetime.


  • VANCO 2
  • Fuel Efficiency: C / Wet Grip: C / Noise (dB): 71 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Innovative tread pattern and construction enables car-like handling for vans whilst at the same time improving the mileage potential by up to 20%.
  • Designed with wide central grooves which enable fast water dispersion, which gives outstanding protection against aquaplaning.
  • Economical and long lasting, along with having a low tyre noise and high ride comfort.


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