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Continental Sport Contact 5 P 255/35 ZR19 XL AO Normal Tyre

However, the two tyre models should not be confused: Only the summer tyre with the index “P” has been optimised for use on both the front and rear axles.
In all other respects, the Continental Sport Contact 5 P is basically comparable with its in-house competitor.

Both use the so-called “Black Chili” rubber compound, which enables shorter braking distances and improved grip when cornering. It also provides easier handling than the previous model.

The Continental Sport Contact 5 P’s impressive features include:

  • Stability even around tight corners
  • Fast, short braking distances
  • Optimisation for different front and rear axle positions
  • Sporty handling

The Continental Sport Contact 5 P is available from 18 inches rim diameter upwards. It has not only been recommended in automobile magazines; according to the manufacturer, several experts have also recommended it. Each individual dimension was tested and they all essentially received the top mark.

That said, Auto Bild Sportscars raised just one point of criticism in its April 2010 issue. According to the magazine, the Sport Contact 5 P tends to oversteer on wet roads. In spite of this, the automobile magazine still gave it the rating “exemplary”.


  • Fuel Efficiency: F / Wet Grip: B / Noise (dB): 73 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • The solid, sturdy central ribs, attached tread lugs, plus asymmetrical tread ribs ensure optimum, longitudinal stiffness in the tyre and reduced movement in the tread.
  • A supple macro-block design on the outer shoulder and solid central ribs, ensure that the tyre adapts perfectly to the road surface.
  • Benefits from ‘Black Chilli’ technology – which is a specially developed compound technology involving an innovative type of racing grade carbon black, which ensures a speedy warm-up process and greater stability.


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