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Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR 245/45 R18 96Y * Normal Tyre

The Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR was designed for use on high-performance vehicles in the summer season and offers sporty drivers a highly enjoyable driving experience.
The Sport Contact 3 SSR also features the SSR System (Self Supporting Runflat) which enables the driver to continue driving safely to the next garage in the event of a puncture.

In addition, the summer tyre has a very quiet running noise, which is particularly welcome on longer stretches and affords a relaxed journey. The tyre’s design gives the driver a sporty feeling combined with precise steering behaviour.

The Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR’s impressive features include:

– High driving comfort
– High level of safety for a sporty driving style
– High safety margins on wet roads

When developing the Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR, the focus was on providing the highest level of safety possible whilst allowing an enjoyable driving experience. For example, the summer tyre guarantees excellent braking performance on dry and wet roads.

In addition, the innovative tread design channels water away extremely well, thus providing a high level of protection when there is a risk of aquaplaning. The summer tyre from Continental also offers delightfully comfortable driving at different speeds.

After putting the tyre through a series of tests, ADAC rated it from recommendable up to very recommendable.


  • Fuel Efficiency: F / Wet Grip: C / Noise (dB): 72 / Noise (Bars): 3
  • Designed with asymmetric tread ribs which are designed to enable your vehicle to maintain good adherence to the road in face of the considerable forces acting on the tyres when driving at high speeds, making abrupt manoeuvres or changes in road surfaces.
  • On dry roads, the new tread pattern ribs on the tyre provide outstanding braking capability and steering precision by absorbing the forces exerted on braking, resulting in a reduction in stopping distances.
  • On wet surfaces, the unique grooves on the tyre allow increased clearance of water for better resistance to aquaplaning.


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