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Continental Eco Contact 5 185/60 R14 82H Normal Tyre

It is also important to pay attention to keeping a good environmental balance when driving. This is not at all difficult with the summer tyre Continental Eco Contact 5 because it is a real energy-saver.
An innovative rubber compound with special additives reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance.
This is what is responsible for its fuel-saving potential: less fuel consumption also means a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Continental has succeeded in combining this benefit with a reduced braking distance. The tyre’s block edges have been optimised, resulting in better traction in wet conditions. The positive effect of the reduced braking distance is clear in every type of weather, but comes particularly to the fore on wet roads.

The Continental Eco Contact 5’s impressive features include:

  • Good energy balance by saving fuel
  • Innovative tread design and mix of materials
  • Safe and stable driving performance
  • High mileage and long lifetime
  • Reduced braking distance

Its above-average mileage and related long lifetime complete the fuel-saving package provided by the Eco Contact 5.

As well as its environmentally-friendly properties, the summer tyre’s good handling on every type of road surface is also impressive. The Continental Eco Contact 5 responds precisely to steering and braking manoeuvres and is easy to handle in every driving situation, even at high speeds.

With this summer tyre the manufacturer has succeeded in creating an almost perfect interplay of exceptional road behaviour, safety, comfort and environmental features.


  • Fuel Efficiency: B / Wet Grip: B / Noise (dB): 70 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Designed for drivers who cover higher mileage, but also provides lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption.
  • Redesigned sidewall on the tyre leads to improved rolling resistance.
  • Better wet performance with improved grip and short braking distances.


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