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Continental CT22 165/80 R15 87T Normal Tyre

The Continental CT22 is a summer tyre that can provide both driver and vehicle with an excellent sense of safety thanks to its good to very good driving properties.
The tyre provides exceptional and straightforward handling due to its high grip, which is the result of an improved rubber compound.
The tyre is therefore very safe on the road in a wide range of weather conditions such as extreme heat or heavy precipitation.

The index T contained in the name CT22 implies that the tyre was designed for top speeds of up to 190 kilometres per hour (119 miles per hour). Exceeding this figure will considerably reduce the effect of the tyre’s running properties.

The Continental CT22’s impressive features include:

– Good handling
– A high lifetime
– No distracting driving noises
– Sense of safety when driving

The Continental CT22’s most attractive feature is its tread compound, which guarantees a long lifetime on the one hand and contributes to providing high driving comfort on the other. These features also highlight the tyre’s good braking performance, which is guaranteed in both wet and hot conditions.

When developing the summer tyre, the main focus was on its road behaviour in wet conditions. As a result, the tread was designed to help lower the risk of aquaplaning. The CT22’s improved tread properties also prevent loud driving noises that could be perceived as distracting inside the car.


  • Fuel Efficiency: F / Wet Grip: E / Noise (dB): 70 / Noise (Bars): 2
  • Provides high grade performance, efficient handling, and a top quality driving experience.
  • Offers outstanding travelling comfort and year round performance.
  • Lower rolling resistance for better fuel consumption.


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