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4×4 tyre MT Cobra John Deere Tractor,) 155/70R13 4×4, Vans and 4x4s MT Cobra Garden Ornament Tractor 155/70R13. For demanding tasks in the mud terrain. This hard wearing stylish special tyres to Fahrvergnügen off-road use, especially in rocky terrain. Thanks to the ingenious profile design and the characteristic Sidebiters removes it easily rock, rocks, sand and mud and snow. It also offers exceptional performance and stability on normal roads, even at high driving comfort. High quality Runderneuerung. Strong Limited Stock Availability. European street legal E1 performance: 80% offroad, 20% Street


  • 4×4 tyres Super Heavy Duty tyres. Good for hard, Felsiges and sophisticated Vert (e.g. made for rock crawling). M + S
  • Reifen Height 70
  • Rim Diameter: 13
  • Tyre width: 155


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