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4×4 tyre MT Cobra Trac NT 195/80 R15
4×4, Vans and 4x4s is Cobra Trac NT 195/80R15 195/R15. Especially on wet and sandy soil, this Verzahnende block profile shows excellent grip. Thanks to its stability you will find a special Fahrvergnügen in Mt Cobra Trac NT and confidence. This secure Offroader is extremely durable and for mud terrain fully equipped. As an & # 34; Greenland & # 34; also available in the size 205/75 R16 °C (Transporter) M + S.
High quality Runderneuerung. Strong Limited Stock Availability. European street legal E1 108R 000149 and E1 109R 000149.
Performance: 70% off, 30% Street


  • 4×4 tyres 195 80 15 perfect for any terrain. M + S
  • Reifen Height: 80
  • Rim Diameter: 15
  • Tyre width: 195
  • Load Index: 95


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