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This treaded tyre fits Chinese Drifter go karts and mowers. Buyers will receive one tyre as pictured. Tyres do not come with inner tubes, unless they are otherwise pictured. Please check your existing tyre before purchase to ensure that you are ordering the correct type for your machine. Most tyres have the size written on outside the of the tyre wall.

How do I know what type of tyre tread I need?

Tyre tread varies with the surface the tyre is designed to be used on. This tyre is classified as a treaded tyre.

  • Slick tyres. Designed to be used on smooth tarmac. Classed as a racing product
  • Treaded wet tyres: Designed to be used on tarmac or racing surfaces in wet conditions
  • Off-road tyres. These have a thicker tread pattern for extra grip when off-road
  • Intermediary tyres. Designed for moderate on road / off-road use

How do I know what tyre size I need?

If you already have a tyre on your machine then you will just need to check the size of your existing tyre. This will be written on the side of the tyre wall. If you are in any doubt see the Tyres Guide image for guidance on checking the dimensions of your old tyre; this image is for information only and does not represent the tyre that is being advertised.

Key Features

  • All our tyres are branded and come from machine manufacturers so you can be sure the tyre is suitable for the machine it is designed for
  • All tyres are made from compounded rubber for strength and long life

Which machines do these parts fit?

This tyre will fit Chinese Drifter 160cc go karts. Many Chinese parts we sell cross over to fit other products, so it is well worth checking the dimensions and pictures to see if this item will fit your machine or project.


  • This tyre has a firm offroad tread with a deep ridge knobbly pattern. Comes with straight valve inner tube
  • It can be used on all wheels front or rear as long as the rim size is 6 Inch
  • Long life can be expected if used on softer offroad surfaces
  • A dedicated genuine part for Drifter 160cc and 200cc gokarts and Maxx Drift 200cc karts. Fits a variety of garden machinery and trailers
  • A Petrolscooter branded part


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